Anthony Dirrell & Kyrone Davis Fight to a Drawer

Anthony Dirrell & Kyrone Davis Fight to a Drawer |

Former WBC super middleweight world champion Anthony Dirrell faced Kyrone Davis in what was an eliminator bout with the Continental of the Americas belt at 168 pounds also on the line.

However, after 12 rounds of alternate dominance, everything would culminate in a draw.

Dirrell forced the fight and tried to determine the rhythm. It was a tactical match as both boxers showed their  skills, fighting from distance. Dirrell landed the best shots, but Davis matched his work pace on offense.

As the fight progressed, it became a question of whether the crafty veteran, Dirrell, would be able to drag the youngster, Davis, into deep water. Yet, Davis didn’t allow that to happen, forcing Dirrell to dig deep, then even deeper.

Judge Patrick Russell scored 115-113 for Dirrell. Judge Lou Moret 115-113 for Davis and Judge Zachary Young scored the fight  114-114.

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