Oscar Valdez KOs Miguel Berchelt in 10 & Flores Jr. KOs Jayson

Oscar Valdez KOs Miguel Berchelt in 10 & Flores Jr. KOs Jayson | NobleBoxing.com

Oscar Valdez KOs Miguel Berchelt in ten

This Saturday at the “MGM Grand” in Las Vegas, Nevada, Óscar Valdez became the new super featherweight champion of the World Boxing Council by defeating Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt by a thunderbolt knockout, from which it took Miguel a few minutes to recover.

Smaller Valdez was the dominant factor, based on his increased speed and his powerful left hand, which frequently hurt Berchelt, doubling up as a ramrod job and a laser guided left hook

From the first minutes of the fight, Valdez was very agile, compared to and contrary to the former champion, who could not find a way to catch up.

In the fourth round, Oscar connected with a left uppercut, which pierced Miguel’s high held guard and big rights followed, catapulting him into the ropes, saving him from a visit to the canvass. None the less he received an eight count from Referee Russell Mora, and was badly wobbled by a long sizzling right hook, which swivelled him, just before the bell. It was evident that Miguel’s legs were disobedient.

Oscar`s coach, Eddy Reynoso, advised him to be patient and continue with the depleting strategy. The fight continued with a visibly slower and fading Berchelt, who took time to partially recover from that battering onslaught, bravely trying to change the course of the fight, but continually encountering that powerful jarring left hook, which was invariably finding its target, but had yet to transform into a mighty and levelling Sunday punch.

Miguel was dropped in the ninth. A left hook wobbled him, setting up a left right and right combination which toppled him.

The end came in the tenth. Oscar finished the fight with an electrifying and shuddering short range left hook, with increased momentum, because Miguel walked into it like being blindsided into a plate glass window. Miguel never saw the blockbuster, which Oscar delivered a fraction after He stepped inside and slipped Miguel`s flailing and missing wide right.

Referee Russell Mora managed to partially get a right hand to Miguel, to break his unconscious face forward fall. He was turned on his back and treated by two very portly gentlemen in tight suits, one of whom was the Ring Doctor.

He lay very still for what seemed like from here to eternity. But then opened his eyes and was carefully helped to a red chair, where he gradually regained his senses. There was a huge and collective sigh of relief.

Oscar came across, knelt and talked with Miguel, who congratulated him. They embraced and Oscar ever so gently touched the top of Miguel’s head. It was a supreme moment of sportsmanship.

With this, Oscar marches to 29 wins, 23 by KO; while Miguel suffers his second defeat in 39.

Flores KOs Jayson

Super featherweight Gabriel Flores Jr. (20-0, 7 KOs), defeated former world challenger Jayson Vélez (29-8-1, 21 KOs) by knockout in the sixth round in a Berchelt vs. Valdez undercard fight, this Saturday, at the “MGM Grand” in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Flores Jr. From Stockton, California, showed great performance by knocking out former world title challenger Jayson Velez in the sixth round of the fight.

Flores dropped Velez twice in the sixth, punctuating the victory with a left hook.

Flores became the second man to stop Velez, who was knocked out in 10 rounds by Oscar Valdez on last July..

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